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QoS in Mobile Cloud Computing Assignment

Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is the latest technique that is used to access cloud resources from anywhere and anytime in the globe. Advantages of MCC over cloud computing:

  • Flexibility 

  • Data availability 

  • Multiple platforms support 

  • Minimum upfront cost 

Quality of service (QoS) serves as an indicator at measuring the clouds performance and other utilities like signal strength, bandwidth, latency and other external factors. Some of basic problems faced by MCC are latency, bandwidth and signal attenuation. These problems can be overcome through 2 methodologies namely 

  1. Clone Cloud
  2. Cloudlets

Novel Solutions:

  • Cloudlet is a resource –rich computer or decentralized cluster of computers, which is connected to the Internet and is available for use by nearby mobile devices. 

  • It is an easier way to connect to a cloud. Cloudlet has an inbuilt WLAN which can send or receive higher bandwidth than that of mobile devices. 

  • Low latency and less response time can be achieved. 

  • Cloudlet needs to be one hop away from mobile devices so that efficiency can be maximized. 

Work Plan: 

  • I’m going to use three virtual machines two of which are IOS simulators and the other one is cloudlet which can be connected to the clouding service such as AWS. 

  • QoS can be measures through the following factors: network utilization, security, and policies. 

  • I’m going to manage network utilization by allocating network capacity for each mobile 
device by using bandwidth shaper. 

  • Security can be addressed by using username and password and I’m also implementing an 
additional step of security which is security questions, that only registered users will be able to 
authenticate the cloud. 

  • Policies can be implemented using some schedulers such as round robin, priority scheduler.
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