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Finance assignment question 5

You will be required to create a spreadsheet in Microsoft Office (or iWork Numbers).

The spreadsheet will need to take certain input values; in particular a life table and

Financial assumptions and it will output the Expected Present Value of the function

required. The life table input should be able to be entered either as lx values, or qx values. Acceptable ranges for x should be 0-100. The spreadsheet should be able to handle being given a life table that starts at any age between and including 0 and 99.

The spreadsheet should be well constructed and properly documented. Guidelines for good spreadsheet construction are available in this document (note that this document goes far beyond what is needed for this project):

The spreadsheet should be able to calculate expected present values as well as variances for:

They should also be able to increase/decrease by a constant compound rate or a fixed monetary amount.

  • A whole life assurance
  • A temporary assurance
  • An endowment assurance
  • A pure endowment

All assurances should be able to be calculated as payable in arrears or death.

The sum assured should be able to increase/decrease by a constant compound rate

or a fixed monetary amount.

The spreadsheet should also calculate; for all the policies given above, the net premium; allowing for premiums either payable annually in advance or mthly in advance, for life or for a certain fixed term (if shorter) or as a single premium.

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