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Design utility transmission line Assignment


  • Line specification, and Voltage regulation.
  • Transformer configuration and selection.
  • Single Line diagram configuration.
  • Alternative energy lighting specification

Specification :

  • Utility connection – 80 Km from 138 KV switching station to building (Bio – Disesel Plant in rural Saskatchewan) 3 wire – triangular line – 3ft spacing.
  • Communities( 80Km East Afox Valley).
  • Building has 138KV to 4160V Delta – Wye Transformer
  • Loads – 1MVA 4160 load, 400KVA 600V Load, 100KVA 208V load(all Static).
  • 25 Exterior lights – equivalent to a 250W HPS fixture – to be operated off of alternate energy – capacity -1 day average.


  1. Design utility transmission line such that conductor is rated at 50% of building load, and breaking stregth of not less than 9,000 pounds force.
  2. Calculate range of voltage regulation at building – building power factor at main transformer varies from 0.9 to 0.8 lagging.
  3. Specify Transformers – find actual transformers available, include data sheet all transformers rated so they are operating a 50% load to allow for expansion.
  4. Size conductor to each one of the main static loads. Conductor sizing such that loading is at 80% at full load.
  5. Produce a single line diagram in ETAP – and confirm calculations and enter ratings.
  6. Select exterior lights, and specify alternate energy system (source + storage).

STAGE 1: Line Specification , and Voltage Regulation

  1. Designing utility transmission line such that conductor is rated at 50% of building load,


Using phase calculation

IL = = = 8.63 A


L= ( + ln() H/m


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