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CEN4021 Assignment 7

CEN4021 Assignment 7 Implementation and Testing

Assignment Description

Each student will produce, test, debug, document, and submit for assessment at least one module (class and methods) of the team's project. The coding style will be consistent with the project framework, and the documentation will include in-line structured comments according to the convention of the project framework. Students may not submit code submitted by another student.


  • Source Code
  • Sufficient Commenting to include:
    • Module name
    • Description
    • Date Created
    • Author
  • Unit Tests o Test plan is associated with at least one class o Adequate set of tests associated with the use case

Unit Test Format:

Test plans can come in variety of formats but usually follow a template similar to the example from a Tic-Tac-Toe application using the table below:

CEN4021 Assignment 7

Functional Requirement for Use Case

User Input

Expected Output

Pass / Fail

Test horizontal win for X

Input X in 1

Display X in block 1

Test horizontal win for X

Input O in 4

Display O in block 4

Test horizontal win for X

Input X in 2

Display X in block 2

Test horizontal win for X

Input O in 5

Display O in block 5

Test horizontal win for X

Input X in 3

Display X in block 3 Recognize X as winner

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