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LOG 206 mod 13 exam written

What is the term used by the DoD to describe the actions required to expand an existing depot maintenance repair capability to meet increased depot maintenance repair requirements?


True/false: support equipment (SE) includes automatic test equipment (ATE).


Which two of the following PBA statements are true?

PBA’s include stakeholder roles and responsibilities

PBA’s delineate performance requirements and standards

True/false: commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions that comply with the DoD ATS technical architecture should only be used if the acquisition milestone decision authority (MDA) concurs that an approved DoD ATS family will not satisfy the requirement.


The DSOR decision to determine whether organic or commercial depot support will be utilized is made by.

The acquiring military service

What term is used by the DoD to describe rebuilding a system to a like new, near zero time, near zero mile standard?


Depot level maintenance work performed by contractors is exempted from the 50/50 limitation so long as:

All of the answers are correct

Along with the military services, what activity is responsible for supplying the joint force in the joint logistics environment (JLE)?

Defense logistics agency (DLA)

Why are host nation and status of forces agreements (SOFA) important considerations when deciding whether to employ contractors in an operational environment?

Host nation agreements and SOFA’s may restrict contracting opportunities to host nation companies

What is the relationship between contingency planning and maintenance planning?

Maintenance programs must be structured to meet contingency requirements and contingency scenarios prepared by the joint chief of staff (JCS)

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