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Muscles connecting The Upper Limb To The Thoracic Wall Assignment Help

There are four important muscles that connects upper limb with the thoracic wall, namely Pectoralis major, Pectoralis minor, Subclavius and Serratus anterior.

Pectoralis major:

Pectoralis major

It is a large muscle present in the upper limb of human skeletal system. This muscle is fan shaped and makes most portion of the anterior wall of axilla. It originates from clavicle, sternum and upper six coastal cartilage. The two head of this muscle are named as clavicular head and sternocostal head that are attached to clavicle and sternum respectively. Both these heads can either work in combination or independently to allow the rotation of humerus. The pectoralis major is supplied with two nerves derived from brachial plexus called medial pectoralis nerve and lateral pectoralis nerve.

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Pectoralis minor:

Pectoralis minor

The size of pectoralis minor is smaller in comparison to pectoralis major. It is triangular shape that patents from anterior part of third, fourth and fifth ribs. It then insert to corocoid process of scapula. Pectoralis minor lies underneath to pectoralis minor and together they makes the anterior wall of axilla. The contraction of this muscle generates inferior motion. It is supplied by medial pectoral nerve that comes from brachial plexus.

Serratus anterior:

Serratus anterior

It originates from upper eight ribs and inserts into medial border and interior angle of scapula. It is displaced more laterally in the chest forming a medial wall of axilla. The main function of serratus anterior is to allow rotation of scapula. Also serratus anterior holds scapula against the ribcage. It is supplied by long thoracic nerve.

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subclavicus muscle

It is a minor muscle that is located deep inside the chest. These muscle is two in number that inserts into inferior side of clavicle bone, specifically called collar bone. It originates from first costal cartilage and inserts into clavicle. It is supplied by the nerve from upper trunk of the brachial plexus. Therefore, during the movement of shoulder girdle it depresses the clavicle.

Pectoralis major Clavicle,sternum, and upper six costal cartilage Lateral lip of bicipital groove of humerus Medial and lateral pectoral nerve from brachial plexus C5,6,7,8;T1 Adducts arm and rotates it medially;clavicular fibres also flex arm
Pectoralis minor Third, fourth, and fifth ribs Coracoid process of scapula Medial pectoral nerve C6,7,8 Depresse point of shoulder, and elevates the ribs
Subclavius First costal cartilage Clavicle Nerve to sub clavius C5,6 Depresses clavicle
Serratus anterior Upper eight ribs Medial border and inferior angle of scapula Long thoracic nerve C5,6,7 Draws the scapulla forward and rotates scapula.

Hence these are four important muscles that connects upper limb to the thoracic wall. If you want to obtain detailed information about the muscles connecting upper limb to the thoracic wall, seek the assistance of our online tutors.

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