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Image Processing and pattern Recognition Assignment Help

Introduction to Image Processing and pattern Recognition:

Image processing is any form of signal processing for which the input is an image and the output of image processing may be an image or parameters related to the image. The image processing usually refers to digital image processing. The optical and analog image processing is also possible.

Pattern recognition is a study of ideas and algorithms that provide computers with a perceptual capability to put abstract objects into categories in a simple and reliable way. It is generally categorized according to the type of learning procedure used to generate the output value. The aims are to classify data based on statistical information extracted from the patterns.

Types of Image Processing:

Image Processing and pattern Recognition assignment help
  • Image-to-image transformations
  • Image-to-information transformations
  • Information-to-image transformations

Application of Pattern Recognition:

  1. Medical diagnosis
  2. Life form analysis
  3. Sonar detection
  4. Radar detection
  5. Image processing
  6. Process control
  7. Information Management systems
  8. Aerial photo interpretation.
  9. Weather prediction
  10. Sensing of life on remote planets.
  11. Behavior analysis
  12. Character recognition.

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