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Antenna Physical Characteristics

Online MATLAB assignment help free, Radio signals broadcast a reasonable amount of power on the 'target', the transmitting aerial should also be directional.

Parabolic DPR:

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help in term project computer assignment matlab, DPR systems uses a steerable parabolic 'dish' to create a tight broadcast beam, typically using the same dish as the receiver. homework help college matlab, Such systems often combine two radar frequencies in the same antenna in order to allow automatic steering, or radar lock. Symmetric parabolic antennas produce a narrow "pencil" beam in both the X and Y dimensions and consequently have a higher gain. The Digital Pulse Radar weather radar uses a symmetric antenna to perform detailed volumetric scans of the atmosphere.

Types of scan by DPR

Primary Scan: A scanning technique where the main antenna aerial is moved to produce a scanning beam, sector scan.

Secondary Scan: A scanning technique where the antenna feed is moved to produce a scanning beam, unidirectional sector scans.

The typical size of such antenna is 3.5m diameter to 10 meter diameter.

System Requirements

computer science : programming on matlab, Taking all of the above characteristics into account means that certain constraints are placed on the radar designer. Online tutors for matlab or online private tutor for matlab For example, a system with a 3 GHz carrier frequency and a pulse width of 1us will have a carrier period of approximately 333ps. Each transmitted pulse will contain about 3000 carrier cycles and the velocity and range ambiguity values for such a system would be:

PRF Velocity Ambiguity Range Ambiguity
Low (25MHz) 30 m/s 75 km
Medium (32MHz) 180 m/s 12.5 km
High (48Mhz) 3000m/s 750m

The sea clutter in not expected in our design of antenna.

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